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So Much to Share!

Oh, hi! Somehow its February already. So many new things are happening, and it's been a bit of a whirlwind to keep my head wrapped around it all. Good news is that it's all WONDERFUL stuff, I'll tell you all about it...

First of all, I am showing my Sill Series in Gallery 1056 at Redux this month! Opening night is Friday, February 23rd from 6-8pm, I couldn't be more excited. My talented friend BJ of Haegur, the mobile plant shop, will be doing a special installation alongside my pieces. He'll also be be parking "Fern" the plant truck in Redux for opening night! Art and plants in one place, what could be better??

Fern the Plant Truck is the CUTEST

I still have so much to do in these next two weeks, but I luckily have the help of my sweet friend Paige Feigley.  Paige is a fellow Redux artist and is curating this show (thank goodness, cuz I need her calming direction and expertise). We have so many fun ideas, I cant wait to see them all come together. I hope you'll join us for opening night, it is free and open to the public.

So while we're working away at the Sills Show, I have also started teaching courses! My high school students have totally blown me away with their talent, and my "Florals in Oils" course has been so much fun. I have a new appreciation for teachers of ALL subjects. It's tough stuff, but truly rewarding. I am excited to plan out some more courses and really get in my teaching groove. Sign up for my newsletter and check out my new events page to keep up-to-date with all course and workshop opportunities! 

Charleston Elopement

Oh yea, I also got married! Dylan and I eloped to the Charleston courthouse this January and it was perfection. We brought the fur babes with us (we wanted to celebrate as a happy family ASAP) and we had the uber talented Lizzy Ervin with us to capture the day. All of her photos are breathtaking, I will be following up with another post so I can share more of her amazing work. 

So 2018 has been pretty epic so far! Hope everyone else is off to a great start too :)





CHS Pop Up Shop at Candlefish

I'm so excited and grateful to have Candlefish hosting the first Charleston Hospitality Series Pop Up Shop! This new collection has been so much fun to begin and I hope to be working on Charleston food & bev staples for years to come. These first few pieces are all near and dear to my heart, and Candlefish is the perfect place to release them into the wild!

QSG is my favorite neighborhood spot. Not only do they serve up amazing crepes and sandwiches, but they also support local artists by displaying and selling their work.  This is one of the very first places to exhibit some of my pieces, and it is the home of my favorite smoothie.

As I have mentioned before, the restaurant culture here in Charleston truly inspires me. I believe it is an art form in its self and I wanted to celebrate this industry that helps make our gorgeous city so special and welcoming. Seriously talented people are serving up some truly delicious food and drinks and I am so appreciative of the special experiences they are creating.

167 Raw is crushing it right now. It's probably because they employ a very handsome staff in a town with a large female population... oh and their food is consistently amazing as well. 

My Charleston Hospitality Series will be released and available for purchase beginning with a kick-off pop up shop at Candlefish. I have made special edition prints of a few pieces and the original works will be available for purchase as well. I have even made special edition note card packages, perfect for any occasion! I hope you will join us for a complementary happy hour from 5-8pm on Friday, June 3rd.

Xiao Bao Biscuit makes The. Best. Asian. Food. EVER.  We've been known to dine here multiple times a week.  We also order one (or two) of everything on the menu. Every time. 



Studio Update

We are settled in the new house and the studio space is up and running!  It took a little trial and error, but I've got a pretty functional space going now.  This new studio is much more limited than my space in the old apartment, but that's to be expected when you're working out of a narrow laundry room...

Despite its limitations, my work area has excellent natural light and I'm able to be productive. I also really enjoy having a view of the backyard and the pups at play. The space is really only a problem if Dylan is home.  His office is next door and he's always squeezing through while I'm in the middle of working (plus he's a little chatty).

In addition to my Charleston Hospitality series, I've been working on some other fun projects and commissions. I completed a pet silhouette for a good friend and I've started sketches for pieces in a client's living room makeover.  I also took a couple days experimenting with wood panels.  I chose to use my oils on birch panels and some sky-scapes were the result.

"sunrise on wood" 12 x 36

"sunset on wood" 12 x 36

Both pieces are available for purchase.  I'm also accepting commissions for July through the end of the year, contact me with any and all inquiries! 




I have officially become a real adult and bought my first home.  The process was terrifying, exciting, and draining, but the end result is more that worth it.  

My own little slice of heaven in Riverland Terrace

Words are unable to express how amazing it feels to own my home. For the first time in my life I have some real roots and sense of permanence.  When I was growing up, I was always bopping between my parents homes, and then there were college dorms and shared apartments. I've had landlords and roommates, and never any control over the paint or nails on my walls.  I am now simultaneously free and grounded and it feels incredible.

My boyfriend and I feel like we have won the real estate lottery.  We own our dream home in our dream neighborhood and I keep waiting to wake up back in our old apartment.  We couldn't afford to buy on the Charleston peninsula, but Riverland Terrace is far from a compromise.  We can still walk and bike to some of our favorite spots, and downtown is merely two miles away.  

Our pet silhouettes fit perfectly into the new living room.

Our fur babies are especially pleased with the new yard. Our Carolina Dog, Tico, can now spend all of his time outside, and my lady, DaniGirl, is queen of the castle.  Even our kitten rescue, Monty, seems to really like the new digs. He enjoys surveying the yard from the safely of our screened in porch.

from left to right: Monty being curious about outside, Tico and his bestie having a mischievous backyard play-date, and the community garden that's around the corner :)

My sweet DaniGirl is right at home

Spring is the perfect time of year to settle into a new place.  I cant wait to start planting herbs and flowers, hopefully I don't find gardening too challenging.  Luckily I've teamed with the Horticultural Society this year so I should be able to get some great insider tips.  Plus Plantasia is just around the corner, so I'll have access to some amazing plants!

Now that we've settled in, I am back to business as usual.  I will be sharing more Charleston Hospitality progress, and stay tuned for the official pop-up show announcement!