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Two is Better Than One

I'm so thankful to share that I currently have two shows open to the public. My "Sill Series" is being shown in Gallery 1056 in Redux until March 31st. I also have my "Feeling Floral" show installed in The Schoolhouse in West Ashley for the remainder of the month. 

"Feeling Floral", installed in The Schoolhouse

"Feeling Floral", installed in The Schoolhouse

Thank goodness for my studio management team, Straight to Art. I wouldn't have had the opportunity to show at The Schoolhouse, or would have even been able to install this show, without them. It is so nice to know that my inventory with S2A is in wonderful hands. I'm very happy with how my floral pieces are installed in the beautiful Schoolhouse Gallery. "Feeling Floral" is still available for viewing until the end of the month.

My Sill Series also found a home for the month. I am so honored to be the first Redux Resident Artist to show in our Gallery 1056. Moving forward, this gallery will be dedicated to showing the work of resident artists, curated by Redux artists. Paige Faigley curated my Sills Show, and I was so thankful for her calming assistance.

"The Sills Show", installed in Gallery 1056

You can come and view the Sills Show anytime during Redux's gallery hours for the remainder of the month.



CHS Pop Up Shop at Candlefish

I'm so excited and grateful to have Candlefish hosting the first Charleston Hospitality Series Pop Up Shop! This new collection has been so much fun to begin and I hope to be working on Charleston food & bev staples for years to come. These first few pieces are all near and dear to my heart, and Candlefish is the perfect place to release them into the wild!

QSG is my favorite neighborhood spot. Not only do they serve up amazing crepes and sandwiches, but they also support local artists by displaying and selling their work.  This is one of the very first places to exhibit some of my pieces, and it is the home of my favorite smoothie.

As I have mentioned before, the restaurant culture here in Charleston truly inspires me. I believe it is an art form in its self and I wanted to celebrate this industry that helps make our gorgeous city so special and welcoming. Seriously talented people are serving up some truly delicious food and drinks and I am so appreciative of the special experiences they are creating.

167 Raw is crushing it right now. It's probably because they employ a very handsome staff in a town with a large female population... oh and their food is consistently amazing as well. 

My Charleston Hospitality Series will be released and available for purchase beginning with a kick-off pop up shop at Candlefish. I have made special edition prints of a few pieces and the original works will be available for purchase as well. I have even made special edition note card packages, perfect for any occasion! I hope you will join us for a complementary happy hour from 5-8pm on Friday, June 3rd.

Xiao Bao Biscuit makes The. Best. Asian. Food. EVER.  We've been known to dine here multiple times a week.  We also order one (or two) of everything on the menu. Every time.