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Spring has Sprung in Charleston

Winter always leaves me feeling like a very pale and doughy hermit.  I hate leaving the house or wearing anything but my comfy pajamas when its below 60 degrees.  I often wish I was a bear so I'd be allowed to hibernate. Thank goodness Spring arrives by March here in Charleston!

Photo Courtesy of Melinda Smith Monk and Charleston Magazine

Photo Courtesy of Victoria Parmenter

To celebrate this gorgeous time of year, I have created some fun, small pieces. Nothing says spring like daffodils and Easter eggs! My spring pieces are bright and cheery, perfect for a nursery, playroom, or informal sitting room. They even look lovely on a kitchen window sill.

I'm very excited to announce that these pieces are available to purchase in my new online shop. The daffodils are 10"x10" and $55 each. The cheery Easter eggs are 6"x6" and are being sold in pairs for $45. All are oil on canvas with painted edges, ready to be hung or propped in their new homes.  

Happy Spring Everyone! Hope you're enjoying this beautiful time of year.



"Vintage" by JDeckman

My sister Tracy recently moved back home to Annapolis, Maryland.  She took some pictures of her new digs and how she helped to decorate the house she now shares with some family.  It made me smile to see a bunch of pieces I've done throughout the years, some of which I completely forgot about!

It's fun to see how other people choose to display my work. Honestly, it's quite an honor to be welcomed into someone's home; makes me feel happy and humbled. 

 Looking at "vintage" stuff gives me fresh inspiration for the studio.  Cant wait to get to it this weekend!