The Vendue is known as Charleston’s Art Hotel, and for good reason. The art program is exceptional with over 300 pieces of original art and 2-3 exhibitions throughout the year. Their resident artist, Fred Jamar, is going to be taking a nice long vacation, so they asked me to come create in their beautiful studio space for about 6 weeks! I am really excited for this change of scenery, and especially for the double doors opening onto Vendue Range.


Being the Vendue’s guest for this time means I will be working in the studio space located at 26 Vendue Range. I will also be live painting every Tuesday night in the Drawing Room. My residency is from March 5th to April 22nd, I hope you’ll come visit and check out the rest of the amazing art and exhibitions currently installed. March and April also happen to be the perfect time to take a stroll down East Bay and along the battery.

I have been preparing some new pieces to work on during my residency. I’ve chosen some beautiful Charleston locations to interpret using vibrant colors, and I am looking forward to sharing my progress. Maybe I’m working on your favorite local venue, come visit me and find out.