BIG news people! Starting in January, I will begin a new, exciting, and slightly terrifying chapter as an art teacher! I will be leaving my full-time office job so that I can work with young, creative minds and hopefully help them develop their own artistic journeys. It has been my dream to be a full-time creative, and these after-school courses and my future students will be making that dream a reality.

I am starting with beginner oil painting courses for middle and high school students. I remember being in middle and high school; I can recall my emotions, my struggles and my interests. I have the hindsight to know that an art course could have made a huge difference in my teenage life. All it takes is one moment of inspiration or awareness to realize a passion, and I hope to meet several passionate, aspiring painters next year. Whatever I may be able to teach, I know I will learn twice as much from them. 

January marks 3 years since my decision to pursue my art career, and it's amazing how different my life looks. I've shared my journey before (and here too), so I won't bore with details, but just know that I couldn't be more grateful and appreciative of everyone who has supported me along the way. Accomplishing my goals and pursuing new opportunities wouldn't be possible without the amazing community of friends and creatives I have around me, especially my family at Redux. 

My courses are offered through Redux, and I am also available for private oil painting lessons for students ages 12 and up. You can also contact our educational director at or by calling 843-722-0697