I recently spent some time in the Florida Keys and was blown away by its beauty. I'm a huge fan of tropical flora as well as historical architecture, so the charming Key West neighborhoods were a dream come true. I snuck away for an hour or two to bike around and snap some pics...

The tiny island of Key West is FULL of inspiration. I just cant believe that so many varieties of plants can exist in (barely) 7.5 square miles. I was particularly inspired by the juxtaposition of lush, wild foliage with traditional, tidy homes. It was almost like biking through a picturesque fairy tale. 

The view from my backyard for the weekend was perfection. I did my best to recreate the thick jungle vibe in "backyard view 1"

If you follow my work then you know light and color are my muse, so this quick trip left me feeling creatively recharged. I began work on a Key West inspired series and am so excited to see how they unfold. I will be releasing the entire series during Redux's fall open house this September, I hope you will stop by and say hello! If you are unable to attend, please feel free to contact me about availability and pricing.

"pool ambiance 1"