It's springtime AND I have my very own yard, so it's time for me to find my green thumb. Growing my own herbs, flowers and more has always been a goal of mine. Now that I'm a homeowner, I've decided to stop putting it off and dive right in...

Sweet & patient Dylan looks a little overwhelmed during our first trip to Lowes...

Last Sunday was all about planting. Hours were spent in and out of Lowes and the backyard.  I planted a small herb and vegetable garden, an orange tree, and some potted plants for our deck and patio. We even potted a fiddle fig leaf tree for our living room, which I could not be more excited about. 

Sunday was exhausting, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the hard part has just begun. I now feel like I have several "babies" to nurture. Each plant enjoys sun, water, and nutrients in different ways. Google has become my best friend in my effort to be a good plant mom.  

Our lemon tree is getting potted this weekend so that we can bring her inside during the winter.  I'm hoping our Citronella plant will help keep the mosquitoes away

I just LOVE the way live plants can really change the feel of a home. Our spaces feel even cozier now that we are surrounded by greenery. I am eager to plant more and more, but I'm trying to be patient and pace myself; I need to make sure this first round survives my newbie gardening skills.

I'm loving the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree in our living room.  Mr. Montagu is jealous he cant hang on the porch with the philodendrons and pups. 

This weekend is Plantasia, so I am hoping to pick up some great tips and tricks. Come out to support a beautiful cause!