If you know me then you know I am obsessed with my pups.  Actually, I'm obsessed with all dogs and hope to eventually have a "herd". I choose dogs over humans always; I am not ashamed and make zero apologies.

Tico is very snuggly.  Dani enjoys curling up on the couch with an ice cold heinysniffer

While I have ALWAYS been a dog person, I have NEVER been a cat person. However, this changed a couple weeks ago. Dylan and I found a teeny tiny kitten abandoned and dying in our driveway.  We rushed him to our vet in the hopes he might be saved.  The good news is that the staff at All Creatures went above and beyond and rescued the little one from starvation and exposure.  The ironic twist is now this die hard dog person has a feline fur baby.

Morning snuggles are interesting these days

Montagu is pretty precious, so we'll forgive him for being a cat and not a canine.  After an entire weekend spent nursing him back to health 24/7, its safe to say he's part of the family.  As such, he gets his own pet silhouette portrait. Dani Girl and Tico Man's fancy portraits have been hanging proudly above our mantle.  Now Monty has a mini likeness to complement his puppy brothers'. 

mischievous Monty is quite the looker

These pet silhouettes are simple, quirky and fun for any furry family.  I chose gold and black for my kiddos, but these portraits can be done in all sorts of colors, and even patterns. I am happily accepting pet silhouette commissions this year, email me today to learn more!!

PS All Creatures Veterinary Clinic is FANTASTIC, I highly recommend them and Dr. Cutler to anyone looking for a great Charleston vet.