The Garden Party opening was a special night in my life.  I was so touched by all of my friends and family who came out to support my career, and I was so happy to meet kind new people interested in Fabulon and the community it serves.  The gallery looked gorgeous, the food was delicious, and the wine was necessary...

I'm so lucky to have such beautiful family and friends, both inside and out

I was very nervous at the prospect of "the spotlight" and answering questions about my work.  However, I truly enjoyed the conversations I had; it was lovely to share my inspirations, process and passions with people who were genuinely interested to hear about them.  Its invaluable to see my work through other people's eyes, and I ended up learning more about my own art from others' comments and observations.  I only wish I had more time to chat with everyone who came to the reception and to hug all of the friendly faces I saw walk through the doors.  

I also wish I had time to join everyone at the craft table, it was awesome to see the beautiful mini flower arrangements, the petal mandalas, and the paper flowers being created throughout the evening!

I am feeling freshly energized and ready to tackle my next projects.  I have so many new ideas and inspirations, so be sure to follow me on Instagram to stay tuned!  A huge thank you to Susan and Fabulon for a gorgeous Garden Party, it was a night I will never forget.  

Garden Party will be exhibited through January, so please stop by Fabulon to take a peek!  (paintings make great valentines gifts, wink wink)