Valentines Day is around the corner, so brace yourselves for cheesy posts about soulmates, married best-friends, love, luck, and of course, Bae.  For me, the holiday of love has typically served as a great excuse to send sarcastic texts to my friends, drink too much wine and eat (way) too much chocolate. My best and most reliable valentine has always been my dad...

My spoils from Valentines Day 2014. Brit knows how to make me laugh, and dad knows how to make me smile.

This year I am very excited about Fabulon's show: "Not Your Typical Love Story".  Gallery director Susan wanted to challenge cliche fairy tails and curate an exhibit that encourages deeper thought and reflection on what love and relationships really mean to people and couples.  I was able to get a sneak peek at some of the pieces, and man am I excited to see all of the work during the opening reception on February 12th.  In addition to exceptional artwork for sale, Susan is serving up comfort food including a mac & cheese bar and mini personal ice cream cartons. Sounds like the perfect way to spend the "cheesy" holiday.

mini calla lilies, 6x6 oil on canvas

Original art is a wonderful gift to give and receive, and Fabulon will have plenty of pieces perfect for Valentines Day. I painted some budget friendly heart inspired Calla Lilies just for the occasion.  These minis will be available for purchase along with several other artists' heart interpretations.

Tico Man and Dani Girl give the best kisses

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Hope to see you at Fabulon on February 12th for a fun night!