They say home is where the heart is.  And in many cases, our hearts are wrapped up in memories about the houses we have spent countless holidays, birthdays, and experiences.  A house can mean A LOT to a person and family.  

Pop-Pop's house is a very special home to me

Being a child of divorce and coming from a big extended family, several houses have meant a whole lot to me over the years.  Most notably is my grandfathers house where we spent childhood summers by the pool, playing make-believe in the basement, exchanging and opening Christmas presents in the living room, and feasting on amazing family recipes anytime there was an excuse to gather together. So when a close friend asked me to paint a portrait of her grandmother's home to give to her as a gift, I was very excited and honored to accept.

Cousin Jennifer's High School graduation day! We spent a day celebrating at pop-pops house

When I was asked to paint this home portrait, I was wrapping up my Garden Party collection.  I was nervous about transitioning from dramatic florals to something light and architectural, but it ended up being a much needed change of pace.  I had a blast with this portrait.  So much so that I now want to paint some of the "homes" in my life and childhood.   

This was the picture I based my portrait on

Final portrait, oil on paper

I have to say, I am so happy with how this turned out.  It's bright and happy, with just the right amount of detail and whimsy.  I really hope Grandma Parmenter approves when she sees it, fingers crossed!