Introducing my first new series of 2016: Bailaoras.  

"Fae" and "Susanna" are 24x24 oil on canvas originals

"Bailaoras" is the special name given to flamenco dancers, and this new series is inspired by these passionate artists.  Bailaoras are basically my idols.  These women are strong, beautiful, powerful, graceful, talented and respected.  They are part of a rich tradition and show their pride through their art form.

Some preliminary sketches of the first Bailaoras

My grandmother danced flamenco, and taught it to her children.  My Aunt Lisa eventually grew to become an incredibly talented professional dancer with the Joyce Trisler Dance Company.  She even performed in the Spoleto festival here in Charleston long before I attended CofC.  My cousin Jennifer (her daughter) danced all through our childhoods, and I vividly remember really looking forward to watching her recitals.  So clearly, I have always had a special place in my heart for dance, and the Bailaoras are giving me a chance to explore this appreciation.

On the left is a traditional flamenco dancer, in the center and on the right is my amazing Aunt Lisa during her days as a professional dancer... what.  a.  BABE.

This is a completely new style and subject matter for me to tackle.  However, I refuse to let the unknown hold me back.  I have to take advantage of those moments when inspiration strikes me to my core.  The more I researched these artists, the more I just had to interpret their forms.  I'm excited to see how the series unfolds!