2015 will close out as one of my best years thus far.  I embarked on my dream career, I live in my favorite city, and I got to enjoy some wonderful times with friends and family (I also may or may not have turned 30...)

celebrating being #young&vibrant

This time last year I began to think about my new years resolution.  I had been bopping between jobs and had struggled for years to find something I enjoyed and cared about (which also managed to pay the bills).  I found myself so lost and frustrated the majority of the time, so I finally decided to make changes and take risks.

I started painting smaller pieces, and I designed a logo and business cards  

In December of 2014 I resolved to make my passion my career; I resolved to start believing in myself and my potential.  As I write this post I am thinking back to where I was and how I was feeling.  I cant help but smile as I realize how far I have come in just 12 months.  I mean, I was living in a one bedroom apartment with two roommates and 2 dogs and driving over to my sisters house so that I could paint in her kitchen since there was no room at my house for an easel... those were crazy (and cramped times)!  

our house on Montagu St is known as the "dog house".  These are just a few of its tenants...

Just 12 months later I have managed to paint my butt off, create a beautiful home studio, launch a website, blog and social media, and snag a solo exhibition opportunity.  I have networked, researched, participated, and supported other local artists.  I have made new friends and learned SO MUCH about myself as well as the creative industry.  The world seems bigger, more exciting and more inviting.

Examples of my work once I was able to set up a functional studio space. Each of these are 36x36 or larger

I still have a LONG way to go.  I have a lot of evolving to do and have so many goals and milestones to reach.  But whenever I start to get down or impatient I am going to look back on this blog post and remember how far I have come.

Peace out, 2015, you were grand! Hello, 2016, lets get started! 

I hope to do a lot of this in 2016 :)

I hope to do a lot of this in 2016 :)