Its crunch time, people! I only have a little over a month before my solo show: Garden Party.

It takes a village (and a lot of wine) to prepare for an exhibition.  So in the spirit of thanksgiving, I need to especially thank my amazing family and friends who have kept me going for the past 4 months:

Mom, thank you for checking in and helping me keep perspective. Your words of wisdom are always comforting and I love you very much.

Dad and Michele, thank you for (repeatedly) buying plane tickets and hotel rooms. I know Charleston is awesome, but I truly appreciate the sacrifice and I take great comfort in knowing that the next Deckman family reunion is never too far away.

Suz and I were killing it back in the 80s...

Suz and I were killing it back in the 80s...

Britt and Jean Marie: my Orzech cheerleaders.  I can't thank you enough for always boosting my confidence and giving me that extra energy I need to get through another week.

Vic, you are a fabulous friend, wonderful person and talented lady.  You are wise beyond your years and I'm so thankful for our friendship.

Sisters and brother: my best friends.  Thank you so much for the inappropriate texts and unconditional love that help make me laugh even during the most stressful of times.

Dylan, Mike, Lisbeth, & Trellis: my Charleston family. Thanks for always making sure I am overly fed and in good company.  There are no pictures of us all together, likely because we are always too busy stuffing our faces.

My family will be making the trip down from Annapolis, Maryland for the reception on January 8th.  I hope they aren't the only patrons in attendance, but at least there's enough Deckmans to (partially) crowd a gallery.  I invite all to join us for some food, wine, and art.  I will be on hand to answer questions, discuss the collection, and breathe a sigh of relief.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone enjoys time with their loved ones.  I cant wait to see most of mine here in Charleston on January 8th!

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