I grew up in Annapolis, MD, raised and encouraged by my creative family. My art career began as a toddler with an easel in my grandfathers backyard, and I have been painting ever since. Annapolis was a beautiful place to grow up; living on the water and spending my childhood outdoors certainly influenced my creative direction. I fell in love with Charleston, SC when I attended CofC from 2003-2007. Although I moved back to Annapolis after graduation, fate led me back to Charleston a few years later in 2012, and I couldn't be happier. Charleston is full of innovative people, has an incredibly rich history, and is a very humbling and inspiring place to live.  

I work out of my studio in Redux Contemporary Art Center. I primarily use oils and am constantly inspired by light and color. Bold, vibrant and organic is how I would describe my artistic style.  You can purchase my work through Straight to Art as well as at The Art Mecca on King Street. I also accept commissions and am happy to answer any questions.

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